Devin Moss Jerks Off In The Hot Tub

Well what do we have here?   The gorgeous Devin Moss is butt ass naked as he masturbates his very large uncut cock in the hot tub.   While he sticks his ass towards the camera, Devin is also stroking his dick at a rapid pace.  The full video at BoyFun Collection is amazing, as is almost every photo and video Devin Moss has done.   I mean with a monster cock like that, its hard not to be impressed all the time!

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Hit The Showers With Ace & Devin Moss

Ace is standing under the shower head, basking in the nice hot water pouring down over his naked body.   Devin Moss just finished his workout and is heading to the shower, when he stumbles upon Ace getting all wet and soapy.   Turns out Devin just can’t help himself at the sight of Ace, and it doesn’t take long before he is stroking his massive cock with his eyes fixated on Ace.   You have to see just where these boys go by the end of the full set inside BFCollection!

Devin Moss Shower

Damn, look how large that cock is, and its not even fully hard!   Devin is about to put his cock in hand and start jerking off to the sight of Ace showering!

Ace & Devin Moss Shower

Ace has noticed Devin jerking off to the side of him, and his hormones have now kicked in fully and he invites Devin Moss to join him.

Ace Blows Devin Moss

Ace drops down to his knees in the shower, and stuffs Devin’s massive uncut cock in his mouth.  He can’t get it all the way down, and really who can?   After the shower, these two boys head back to the locker room, where they proceed to absolutely destroy it.  Devin assumes his bottom position and lets his ass do the work.

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Sexy Devin Moss Strips Naked In Kitchen

Devin Moss is looking as sexy as he ever has in this set, as this young stud is in the middle of baking a cake.   After a little convincing we are able to convince this gay porn star to put down the cake batter, and show off his glorious body.   Thanks have to go to BoyFun Collection for bringing us this tasty treat, and especially when you get a look at his huge uncut monster cock!

Gay star Devin Moss

Look at this gorgeous boy as he bakes himself a cake.  I love his fresh, but devious face.  Makes me think he would be great in the sack.

Devin Moss Shirt Lifted

Devin Moss beats his flour with a motion like he has done this before.   I love how he lifted up his t-shirt so we get a great look at his chest.   I’d suck on those nipples!

Devin Moss Bare Ass

Devin has turned around and let his blue jeans slide down past his bare ass.  It appears this young stud has gone commando, and what an ass that is.   By the end of the set, you have to see what Devin does with the cake icing and his incredibly large uncut cock!

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Devin Moss In Threeway On Pool Table

This is a fantastic video featuring Devin Moss, Luke and Trystian as they engage in a wild threesome on the pool table.  The action started with a game of strip pool between Luke & Trystian, but once they each got a look at the cock, the pool game ceased and the dick sucking commenced.   Devin Moss was just hanging out in the corner enjoying the action and stroking his cock, until the boys called him over to join them.   The video from BoyFun Collection shows the incredible blowjobs they give each other, then turns to a threesome train with some of the best ass pounding action I’ve seen.

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Trystian Fucks His Buddy Devin Moss

This set brings me back to my college days when you got the mattress on the floor, no frame, just the mattress.   I have moved on from those days and got an adult bedroom set now, but my fondest memories still lye within my college days when the ass was plentiful and the setup to get it was almost nothing!   So thank you to Devin Moss, Trystian and BFCollection for making me relive my glory days!

Devin Moss & Trystian

Devin Moss already has his t-shirt off his beautiful body, and I just love the way his belt-less jeans are starting to ride down his bare ass.

Devin & Trystian Licking

The action is heating up fast as both boys have their shirts off and now have made their way onto the mattress on the floor.

Trystian Ass Pounds Devin Moss

The foreplay has ended and we are right in the middle of an incredibly powerful thrust into Devin’s ass.   The anal sex in this set is amazing, and the grunts and groans coming from Devin tell the full story about how he is loving it.   I think Trystian is thinking he is just happy he only gets to suck Devin Moss and his massive cock, rather than take it!

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Twinks Devin Moss & Tony Give Head

We got another great photo set featuring the hot and sexy gay pornstar Devin Moss.  In this set from BoyFun Collection, we find Devin and his friend Tony horny and ready to suck each other off.  This turns out to be quite the epic blowjob photo shoot, and both boys get their fair share of cock before they can’t contain it any longer and jizz all over the place.

Devin Moss Kisses Tony

Beautiful twink boy Tony leans back and engages in a deep long kiss with his buddy Devin Moss.

Devin licks Tony's Nipples

Both boys are completely naked and Devin gets a handful of Tony’s exotic ass while he takes his tongue and does a few laps around Tony’s nipples.

Devin Moss Sucks Off Tony

I absolutely love this angle as we look down onto Devin’s head as he works Tony’s pole in his mouth like a seasoned pro.   This set is strictly an intense blowjob scene where both twinks alternate sucking each other off, before they bust nuts all over their stomachs.   God bless Devin Moss!

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Devin Moss In Pool Table Threeway

This is a fantastic set that brings three incredibly sexy twinks engaged in a threesome on the pool table.    Devin Moss is hanging out in the back of the room while his buddies Luke and Trystian play a game of pool.  The boys get a little bored and whole lot horny so they make it strip pool!   This naturally leads the boys into giving each other blowjobs, while Devin lurks in the corner stroking his cock.  By the end of the set at BFCollection, all three boys are having wild intense sex in this twink threesome.

Devin Moss Jerks Off

While watching his friends play strip pool, Devin pulls out his dick through his jeans, and starts to gently stroke it.

Devin Moss Sucked Off

Trystian stuffs Devin’s massive uncut dick into his mouth, and he has a little trouble adjusting to the girth and size of it at first.

Devin Moss Getting Blowjob

Devin Moss loves getting his dick sucked, and that is exactly what he gets in this set.  By the end of the photo set Devin has his ass penetrated by Luke and Trystian and judging by the smile on his face, he is pretty damn pleased by it all.   Who wants to play strip pool with these guys?

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Devin & Tony Make Blowjob Video

Hot twinks Tony and Devin Moss were bored one afternoon and decided maybe they should fool around a little bit to help pass the time.   After the heavy makeout session, the boys decided to film their action, and I am glad they did.  You can find the full video inside BoyFun Collection, where we get to enjoy as Devin and Tony suck each other off before Tony slips his dick into Devin’s tight asshole.

Tony takes the first crack at Devin’s monster cock, but then it is Devin’s turn to suck on the lovely twink Tony’s dick for awhile.   After the great blowjob action, these boys can’t help but move on to anal sex, and Tony is more than willing to get at Devin Moss.

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Devin Moss Busts A Nut In Hot Tub

The hot tub is a great place to relax, but it is also a place to get your fuck onDevin Moss is going to show us it also heightens the feeling of masturbation as your blood pressure rises, and when you finally blow the lid, the orgasm is crazy good.   In this set from BFCollection, we get to all enjoy as Devin pulls out his huge thick cock, and pound away at it while in the hot tub.

Devin Moss Topless In Hottub

Standing topless in the hot tub we find the gorgeous gay pornstar Devin Moss.   Its hard not to look down at those wet white briefs and see the outline of his hard massive cock.   Damn boy!

Devin Moss Wet T-Shirt

Devin Moss put on his t-shirt again for a little wet t-shirt action, and I dig it.  I can’t help but be put in a trance by that tree trunk that just popped out from the forest.

Devin Moss Bare Ass

With his ball sack floating in the water, we get a great shot of Devin Moss and his hairy ass in our face.  Ok I may not call that full on hairy, but the ass crack certainly is.   This bottom boy is showing you just what it would look like to saddle up from behind and assault that ass.

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