Devin Moss Busts A Nut In Hot Tub

The hot tub is a great place to relax, but it is also a place to get your fuck onDevin Moss is going to show us it also heightens the feeling of masturbation as your blood pressure rises, and when you finally blow the lid, the orgasm is crazy good.   In this set from BFCollection, we get to all enjoy as Devin pulls out his huge thick cock, and pound away at it while in the hot tub.

Devin Moss Topless In Hottub

Standing topless in the hot tub we find the gorgeous gay pornstar Devin Moss.   Its hard not to look down at those wet white briefs and see the outline of his hard massive cock.   Damn boy!

Devin Moss Wet T-Shirt

Devin Moss put on his t-shirt again for a little wet t-shirt action, and I dig it.  I can’t help but be put in a trance by that tree trunk that just popped out from the forest.

Devin Moss Bare Ass

With his ball sack floating in the water, we get a great shot of Devin Moss and his hairy ass in our face.  Ok I may not call that full on hairy, but the ass crack certainly is.   This bottom boy is showing you just what it would look like to saddle up from behind and assault that ass.

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