Hit The Showers With Ace & Devin Moss

Ace is standing under the shower head, basking in the nice hot water pouring down over his naked body.   Devin Moss just finished his workout and is heading to the shower, when he stumbles upon Ace getting all wet and soapy.   Turns out Devin just can’t help himself at the sight of Ace, and it doesn’t take long before he is stroking his massive cock with his eyes fixated on Ace.   You have to see just where these boys go by the end of the full set inside BFCollection!

Devin Moss Shower

Damn, look how large that cock is, and its not even fully hard!   Devin is about to put his cock in hand and start jerking off to the sight of Ace showering!

Ace & Devin Moss Shower

Ace has noticed Devin jerking off to the side of him, and his hormones have now kicked in fully and he invites Devin Moss to join him.

Ace Blows Devin Moss

Ace drops down to his knees in the shower, and stuffs Devin’s massive uncut cock in his mouth.  He can’t get it all the way down, and really who can?   After the shower, these two boys head back to the locker room, where they proceed to absolutely destroy it.  Devin assumes his bottom position and lets his ass do the work.

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